Pallet stacker PM-1

Product description

Pallet stacker is designed for stacking finished pallets with posts of appropriate height. It can stack pallets one by one or in pairs into a so-called sandwich. The machine is designed to work in a line for the production of pallets, but it can also work in conjunction with a pallet cleaner as a line for cleaning used pallets.

  • The machine's capacity is 5 pallets / min.
  • Maximum height of 31 pallets (in sandwich)
  • Maximum height of 20 pallets (one by one)

The stacker can work in a pallet-picking line.

The composition of the set:
- device for inverting pallets
- laying device
- receiving table 6m.

We also make stackers with the option of adjustment to pallets 800x1200 and 1000x1200.

Technical data:

machine length 10150 mm
machine width 2050 mm
machine height 4150 mm
total weight of the machine tool 1800 kg
installed power4,85 kW