TT-2 double-shaft circular sawmill

Product description

It is used for processing (cutting) medium-sized wood with a diameter of max. 460mm. The machine's high efficiency and its technical solutions allow you to cut two widths of a prism without the need to sort wood. This allows a quick return on purchase costs. The machine is used in sawmill plants dealing with wood processing and production of pallets.

Technical data:

drive motor bottom shaft30 kW ( 37 kW )
top drive motor22 kW ( 30 kW )
feed motor1.5 kW
number of circular saw blades on the bottom shaft2-4 pcs(fi 630 x 70)
number of circular saw blades on the upper shaft2-4 pcs fi 630 x 70)
Circular saws spacing100 do 145 mm or other
maximum cutting diameter460 mm
length of the machined prism800-3000mm
additional chains extracting the material 

Overall dimensions of the machine:

machine length9400 mm
machine width1825 mm
machine height1960 mm
The capacity of the machine depends on the diameter of the wood being processed is6-10m3/hour