Slab recovery machine OFD-300

Product description

OFD-300 is a circular saw designed for longitudinal cutting of three-sided off-sides. The machine works with the OF-300, which enables maximum use of the processed material. OFD-300 is widely used in many sawmill plants, for example in the production of a pallet board.

Characteristic quantities:

weight920 kg
height1580 mm
width1040 mm
lenght3014 mm

Technical parameters of the machine:

circular saw (quantity)2-4
diameter of the sawø = 450 mm
feed speed0-12 m/min
the minimum thickness of the board obtained17 mm
maximum thickness of the workpiece200 mm
maximum height of the material to be processed150 mm

Electric engine:

a circular saw motor18,5 kW or higher
a drive motor3x0,75 kW

Optional equipment:

  • roll feeder (1.5m | 2m | 2.5m)
  • horizontal sawdust conveyor belt
  • oblique sawdust conveyor belt