Slab recovery machine OF-300

Product description

Slab recovery machine OF-300

This machines is designed for alongside burring the boards as well as for wanes produces during wood processing. Up to a client, the machine can be available in a 3 or 4 – saw version.

Characteristic quantities:

weight440 kg
height1380 mm
width1360 mm
length2630 mm

Technical parameters of the machine:

circular saw; 400x50 z=18+42-4 quantity
diameter of the saw400 mm
feed speed0-25 m/min
the minimum thickness of edging, wood shavings20 mm
maximum thickness of edging , wood shavings120 mm
horizontal clearance620 mm
Circular saws spacing100 to 145 mm or other

Electric motors:

circular saw blade motor7,5kW (11 kW, 15 kW)