Saw-splitter ŁP 450SP

Product description

The log splitter for firewood production cuts wood with a maximum diameter of 45 cm and splits into 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 parts without changing the knife. The cutting element of the saw is a circular saw with a diameter of 1100mm driven by an electric motor.

The splitting knife has an adjustable height depending on the thickness of the splitted wood. The machine also has an automatic pressure against the saw. Automatic retraction of the retaining plate and supporting shelf. Conveyor splitting wood 4m long.

Technical data:

machine length 6500 mm
machine width 2350 mm
machine height 2170 mm
weight 1900 kg
engine power of hydraulic drive 15 kW
the drive power of the circular saw 15 kW
the drive power of the conveyor 0.55 kW
log feeder lenght 1.5m
receiving conveyor 4m
cutting speed adjustable by potentiometer
automatic clamping of the logs during cutting
hydraulically adjustable height of the splitting knife
retraction of the stop plate during cutting
supporting shelf


diameter of cut logs 10-45 cm
length of cut logs 20-50 cm
splitting cycle time 6 sek.
splitting power 22 tons
power supply 400 V
machine performance 4-10 mp/hour

Optional equipment:

  • Transverse-thruster chain-roller conveyor (4 chains) length 3.0 m, width 2.5 m
  • Receiving conveyor 5 m