The PT-70S band saw

Product description

It is used for processing (cutting) wooden logs on boards, bolts, laths, squares and other elements of building carpentry. A 13Km combustion engine is used for the sawing machine.

Characteristic quantities:

max. log diameter700 mm
max. cutting length4500 mm
main engine power13Km ( 95Pb)

Dimensions of the saw blade:

The length of the saw4000 mm (180 teeth)
The width of the saw blade35÷40 mm
pitch of the saw22.2 mm
sawing thicknessfrom 0.9 to 1.1 mm
diameter of the main pulley480 mm
feed regulationmoved manually
hand saw rollmoved manually
horizontal clearance of cutting head700 mm
vertical clearance of the cutting head290 mm

Equipment of the machine:

pressure on logs2 pcs
stop bumpers4 pcs

Overall dimensions of the machine:

length 6000 mm width 2250 mm height 1750 mm machine weight 800 kg efficiency of the machine (finished raw material) 1-1,5 m3 per hour