4-band saw PT-4P for logs

Product description

The vertical 4-band saw type PT-4P is designed for processing (cutting) stacked wood and thin sawmill. The machine enables cutting double-sided open prisms with a width of 60 to 250mm. The machine has the ability to work in the version of three saws with the possibility of setting one saw in the middle of the chain feeder. It gives the possibility of symmetrically cutting two prisms from one log. 

Characteristic quantities:

diameter of the processed material 100-530 mm
thickness of the log being obtained 60÷250 mm
length of the processed log 1200-3000 mm
main engine power 4x5.5 kW
supply voltage 3x400 V

Dimensions of the saw blade:

saw blade length 4400 mm
saw blade width 35÷40 mm
pitch of the saw 22.2 mm
saw thickness 1.0-1.1 mm
diameter of the main pulley 600 mm
feed regulationsmooth

Overall dimensions of the machine:

length 5680 mm
width 2010 mm
height 2350 mm
the height of the feed table 850 mm
machine weight 2490 kg
capacity of the machine (finished raw material) 2-4 m3

Additional equipment:

  • 7.5 kW power engine
  • loading feed ŁPK-120