Sharpening machine for bandsaw OR- 200

Product description

Sharpening machine is used for sharpening (grinding) saws type Wood. The sharpening element is Borazon wheel (diameter 203) that does not require profiling.

When using this type of sharpening it is necessary to rinse the blade non-emulsifying oil which has the cools and cleans the sharpening element. Thanks to the controller MLC -03 with a display, you can set the number of cycles and the number of sharpened teeth. It all makes the sharpener fully automatised.


lengh1400 mm
width2040 mm
height 1470 mm
diameter of the boron shield ø 203 mm
width of sharpened blades 25-50 mm
pitch of saw teeth 22 mm
cutting speed of the saw blade 0,75 m/min.
installed power 0,75kW+0,12 kW
useful power 0,87 kW
control power supply 24V, 50 Hz
power supply (five-wired) 3x400V,50 Hz
weight 105 kg