Automatic splitter ŁPR-250

Product description

The ŁPR-250 splitter is used to prepare soft wood for lighter. Split wood can be round or in the form of square timber. The belt conveyor feeds them to the splitting chamber where, with a V-shaped knife, it is split into small pieces and fed to a gutter for bagging.

Technical data:

length 3150 mm
width 1400 mm
height 1500 mm
max. diameter of split blocks  25 cm
the length of splitted blocks 20-23 cm
pressure max. aggregate 200 bar
piston splitting pressure 9 ton
machine weight 670 kg
elek engine hydraulic power unit drive 7,5 kW
elek engine. belt drive 0,37 kW
power supply voltage 400 V
machine performance 1-2 mp/ hour