ŁP-50 Mobile horizontal splitter

Product description

ŁP-50 Mobile horizontal splitter for the production of firewood splits wood with a diameter of 80 cm and maximum length of 260 cm into 2, 4 or 6 parts with a pressure of 50 Tons. The height of the knife is hydraulically adjusted depending on the thickness of the splitted wood.

The drive of the machine is obtained by attaching it to the tractor through the PTO mechanism, which, combined with the wheel axle, enables the machine to work in the field.


  • Oil cooler
  • Splitting knife for six parts
  • Remote control for remote control

Technical data:

length 790 cm
width 170 cm
height 155 cm
max. diameter of the split trunk 80 cm
max. the length of the split trunk 260 cm
the maximum pressure of the aggregate is 23 MPa
the pressure of splitting piston 50 Tons
machine weight 2500 kg