Milling – cutting machine

Product description

This machine is designed for milling the lower parts of the boards as well as for cutting the corners. The machine is used in pallet production lines.

The set includes:

  • main construction
  • 6 milling engine unit
  • 4 cutting engine unit
  • chain conveyors
  • pneumatic system

Technical data:

machine length 3850 mm
machine width 1920 mm
machine height 1550 mm
total machine weight 1350 kg
installed power 15,74 kW
power supply (five-wire) 3x400 [V],50 [Hz]
power of cutter motors 6x1,5 kW
the power of the motors of the conveyor drive 2 x 0,55 kW
power of edging motors 4 x 1,5 kW (2,2 kW)