CP-1 pallet cleaner

Product description

The machine is designed for cleaning wooden pallets from residues of sawdust formed in the production process.
The pallet is cleaned on all sides by two horizontal brushes and four vertical brushes, the remaining dust is blown with compressed air by means of nozzles distributed over the entire width of the pallet.
The cleaner can work as an independent device but also as part of a production line. We also produce cleaners for other types of pallets, as well as cleaners with adjustable pallet width.

Technical data:

length 2200 mm
width 1980 mm
height 1300 mm
weight 680 kg
horizontal brush motor drive power 5.5 kW
power of the vertical brush drive motor 2 x 1.5 kW
thrust motor drive power 0.55 kW
dimension of pallets 800 mm x 1200 mm
power supply (five-wire) 400 V
machine capacity 300 pallets / hour